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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Label affixed to both electronic and print media (see Dinosaurs) to reference the fact that it isn't political agenda or social concerns that motivate those involved, but rather, money.

Based on a premise found in the Peter Principle which states that "Only peers can communicate," the term Multi-Millionaire Media (or "MMM") implies that news repeaters, their editors and bosses, are simply talking to, for, and about, themselves and each other.

The New York Magazine's Salary Guide for 2005 lists these annual paychecks:

Charlie Gibson,
$7 million
Co-anchor, Good Morning America

Brian Williams,
$4 million
Anchor, NBC Nightly News

Anderson Cooper
$2 million
Host, Anderson Cooper 360

Chuck Scarborough
$3 million
Anchor, WNBC news

Sue Simmons
$2.5 million
Anchor, WNBC news

Roger Ailes,
$7.1 million
Chairman, Fox News Channel

Andrew Heyward
$1.5 million
President, CBS News


Someone who repeats talking points in lieu of investigative journalism for a living. See News Reporter (archaic)


Conceptual grouping of blogs, usually of leftist slant. Rather like blogosphere, only with snark. Phrase first coined by Skippy.

Usage: All of Blogtopia is a'buzz with the news about Karl Rove's tumor! And yes, Skippy coined that phrase!


The affliction that causes bloggers to give up blogging for an unspecified, sometimes permanent, length of time, due to complete lack of motivation to write stuff that goes unrecognized, unrenumerated, unrecompensed, and unrealized. Usually the sudden realization that blogging gives back to the individual very little in terms of the space/time continuum, save emotional satisfaction, even if the blogger has a Blogads adstrip.

Ted Barlow’s Disease was named after blogger blogger Ted Barlow, who went on hiatus from his own blog, Ted Barlow, on October 23, 2002, with no explanation, for a period of two months. Soon thereafter several other prominent bloggers also quit, either temporarily or permanently, and actually went on to become productive citizens in the Three Dimensional World.

There is no known cure for Ted Barlow’s disease, only treatment.